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Board Covers

Board covers are not a necessary component of marketing on Pinterest, but they are an opportunity to brand your Pinterest account and make it easier for potential viewers to follow along. Creating board covers makes it easy for your viewers to see at a glance exactly what each board is [Read More]Sorry, access to this […]

Before We Jump In

The first thing we need to do before we jump into the platform is decide who we are marketing to. Many people refer to this as your ‘ideal’ client. If you already know who your ideal client is, this part will only take a few minutes. If you’ve never thought [Read More]Sorry, access to this […]

Understanding the Strategy

To understand the basis of our training strategy, it is helpful to first examine the difference between a traditional pinning strategy and the strategy we are offering throughout this course. Pinning from an end-user standpoint typically involves finding content that is of personal interest which already exists on the platform [Read More]Sorry, access to this […]

Time to Get Going

Pinterest strategy is all about finding a balance between getting the platform to do what you want it to (show your content to potential viewers) by offering searchable content, and giving those viewers a reason to click on your content, so they can eventually become paying customers. In a nutshell [Read More]Sorry, access to this […]

Pinning Analytics

  Table of Contents Pinterest Guide Start Pinterest Welcome Getting Started on Pinterest Lesson: Board Strategy Lesson: Creating Graphics Advanced Graphics Strategy Lesson: Pinning Your Content Advanced Pinning Strategy Lesson: Writing The Description Advanced Description Strategy Lesson: Hashtags Lesson: Pinning Other Content Advanced Reciprocal Pinning Strategy Analytics <You Are Here> [Read More]Sorry, access to this […]

Advanced Reciprocal Pinning Strategy

If you’re looking to become an influencer and partner with other complementary (not competitive) business people, then pinning other people’s content (reciprocal pinning) is an effective and more advanced strategy. So why are we now saying you should repin other people’s content, when earlier we said it was an ineffective [Read More]Sorry, access to this […]

Lesson: Pinning Other Content

Our strategy when it comes to pinning other content (content that is not original to us) is somewhat unconventional.  In a nutshell the difference between conventional strategy and our strategy is the difference between treating Pinterest like a social platform (conventional), and treating Pinterest like the search engine it truly [Read More]Sorry, access to this […]

Lesson: Hashtags

Not too long ago Pinterest introduced hashtag capabilities. Understanding how to utilize this feature is a very important component of your strategy. The purpose of hashtags on Pinterest is, you guessed it, searchability! When you use hashtags, you are labeling your content with relevant topics. By applying hashtags to your [Read More]Sorry, access to this […]

Advanced Description Strategy

If you think back to our discussion on duplicate pinning, you’ll remember that we recommend pinning content to as many boards as it is relevant to. To make it most effective, you also want to change your description so that it corresponds to the board you’re pinning it to. The [Read More]Sorry, access to this […]

Lesson: Writing The Description

It’s important to understand that pins have many components. In addition to the graphics there are other key components including the description and hashtags. Just like everything we’ve talked about so far, the importance of these components comes back to searchability. In this section we’re going to discuss how you [Read More]Sorry, access to this […]


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