Your first Done-For-You Virtual Party Script Package is on the house! Tell us where to send it:

Your first Norwex Done-For-You Virtual Party Script Package is on the house! Tell us where to send it:

What is a Norwex Virtual Party?

A Norwex Virtual Party is a direct sales party that is held online, rather than in person, usually using a platform such as Facebook. A Norwex Virtual Party brings people together, regardless of where they live, for a short (usually 90 minute) direct sales party. The best part about using a party format like this is that it allows the consultant to expand their customer reach all from the comfort of their own home!

What Norwex products should I use?

The great thing about a company like Norwex is there are lots of amazing products to choose from when deciding which products to highlight during your virtual party. When deciding which products you want to highlight a great place to start is with the products that you have personally tried. This allows you to be open and honest with your customers about your experience and provides a more genuine experience for them. Another option is to select products that are Norwex Bestsellers. Remember, these products are Bestsellers for a reason. Lots of people have loved them and your customers will love them too. Alternatively, you can always choose products that fit with your virtual party theme. For example, throw a Home Sweet Home housewarming party and highlight products that are essential to have around the house. Or throw a Secret Agent themed party and highlight products that are less well known. The options are endless and you can’t go wrong regardless of which products you choose, so get creative and have fun!

What is a Norwex Virtual Party Script Package?

Your first Done-For-You Virtual Party Script Package is on the house! Tell us where to send it:
A Norwex Virtual Party Script Package is an all-inclusive, done for you online party bundle. That means that everything you would need to throw an engaging and successful party is just a download away. All of your party posts, your party graphics, and your party games are themed and ready to use! Each Virtual Party Script Package also includes extra content so you can reuse your themes without throwing the exact same party, a custom themed party playlist so your guests can listen along while you party together, and a custom post timeline so you know exactly when to post each post. All that’s left is for you to choose your highlight products and schedule in your posts according to the timeline! That’s it! It doesn’t get any easier. All Virtual Party Script Packages are themed too so you can get creative when you host your parties or you can let your hostess choose which theme they like best! Using Virtual Party Script Packages takes the guesswork out of running online parties, allowing you to spend more time interacting with your customers and building up those relationships that are essential in direct sales!

Why should I host a Virtual Party?

Hosting Virtual Parties is the new BIG thing in Direct Sales. As a consultant, hosting your parties online lets you reach a wider audience with less hassle. No more cooking for big groups, no more rushing to get your house cleaned, everyone can enjoy the party from the comfort of their own homes! Most importantly, by hosting a virtual sales party and using one of our done-for-you themed party scripts, you can set yourself above the rest. Remember, it only takes a little bit extra to stand out from the other consultants. If you don’t have someone to host the party, you can set up a super engaging Mystery Hostess Party – so there is nothing stopping you from trying one out.

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Your first Done-For-You Virtual Party Script Package is on the house! Tell us where to send it:

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