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It’s almost the holidays once again and time to have party scripts. Now is the time to start planning your events and parties scripts for the season and.

Hosting a themed virtual holiday party is an amazing way to boost sales, improve engagement, and spread holiday cheer. Before you can hold a fun and exciting virtual holiday party, though, the invitations come first — literally and figuratively!

Here are our best tips to help you make the best virtual holiday party invitations this season.

Get the Theme Ironed Out

The first step to making a great invitation is to have a fun theme. It’s essential to first figure out the kind of party to hold. It could align with your guests’ or hosts’ interests or a theme that fits the season.

Your first Done-For-You Virtual Party Script Package is on the house! Tell us where to send it:
Here are Go Party Scripts, we have an extensive library of party scripts, both in singles and bundles. Whether you want a spooky murder mystery-themed party, a winter wonderland one, or an adventurous European vacation party script (perfect for the quarantine), we’ve got you covered.

Choose the Right Wording

After deciding on a theme, the next step is to choose the right wording to go with it. This means making sure the tone of the invitation is in line with the theme of your virtual holiday party.

For example, use a casual or cute tone instead of a formal one if your theme is a fun and exciting one. It’s also important to choose words or expressions that reflect your chosen theme.

If you’re using either our 90s or Friends sitcom-themed virtual holiday party scripts, then go with 90s expressions. But if you chose our Grease party script bundle, then use 80s vocabulary and expressions instead.


Include All Important Party Details

The virtual party details are the most important part of your direct sales virtual party invitation. Remember to include not just the date and time of the online gathering but also your chosen platform — whether it’s Zoom, Facebook, Google, or anything else.

Make sure to raise interest in the virtual party, as well. One way you can do so is by giving a teaser of what’s to come or what they can expect from the party, such as special offers, games, prizes, or perhaps a food delivery.

Create Your Invitation Design

You can take inspiration from the art included in our party scripts bundles or from Pinterest when designing your invite. The important thing is to stick to your theme and ensure your design is readable.

We know this can be more complicated and challenging than all previous steps combined. Don’t worry though, we still got your back! Here are our top tips and tricks to make the design process not only easier but also much more enjoyable.


Avoid Crowding Your Design

Avoid filling up the entire invitation with as many images and text that would fit. Make sure there is enough white space, as well.

We don’t mean literal white areas but rather the empty spaces to balance the areas with images and text. White spaces help make the design look more put together and easily scannable.

Stick to Three Colors

As much as possible, stick to using only three colors for your invitation. This helps keep your design from looking too messy and unbalanced.

Our advice is to keep your color choices thematic or seasonal. For example, black, yellow, and orange for Halloween-themed party scripts or white, red, and green for a traditional Christmas theme.

You can also go for complementary colors (opposite the color wheel), analogous (beside each other on the color wheel), or monochromatic (shades of one color).

virtual holiday party script
virtual holiday party script

Choose Easily Readable Fonts

Your party details and other text on the invitation must be readable. Aside from choosing fonts that look clean and easy to read, it is also important to consider the text size, spacing, and font color.

Templates are Your Best Friend

Our advice is to not start from scratch when making your invitation design — especially when there are plenty of free template options online! With templates, you no longer have to stress over choosing the right font, color, image, and more.

Canva is a great design resource. Not only does it have a vast library of templates you can personalize and match with our party scripts but they also have a color palette library to help you easily choose and change template colors.

Get Started on Your Invites Early

Planning your virtual holiday party as early as now lets you get your invitation out before your competitors. Get started on your invites by browsing through our virtual holiday party scripts today!

Your first Done-For-You Virtual Party Script Package is on the house! Tell us where to send it:

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