Frequently asked questions

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What is a Party Script for a Virtual Party?

It is a sales party thrown online instead of in person.

What does the script contain?

Our scripts contain everything you need to run your virtual party. This includes all the images, gifs, videos, and written content. All you have to do is copy and paste the information into your scheduler or directly into Facebook. We even include a handy timeline that gives you the exact schedule to post.

Where can I get support?

You can visit our Contact Us section of check out

Are these safe to use on Facebook?

These are safer to use on Facebook than the party scripts you get from the company. These are unique and Premium Scripts which means not very many people have used the same party as you… unlike the free ones from your company which have been used 1000’s of times over.

How do I get access to the script?

Once purchased, you can download the script files through your Dashboard online.

Can I share the script?

You can share it with your Hosts/Hostess. But you cannot share it with other consultants or with your Upline/Downline. We track each package and place special tracking markers in the zip file as well as what is inside. This is so we can track where shared scripts may have originated from.

If you do want to share the script with your friends/upline/downline, use your Refer-a-Friend link to get $10 credit every time they make a purchase using your link. Why give it away for free when you can be getting free scripts by referring people!

Pro Subscription

Detailed information about the Pro Subscription can be found in our Support Section