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How to Pick Products

Christmas is, by far, the biggest season for increasing sales, hitting incentive goals, earning your company incentive trip and growing your team in direct sales. If you want to have a successful year, it is imperative that you plan and effectively execute your sales strategy before this busy season hits! For most consultants, that means running parties as much as possible. For consultants who run virtual parties (typically Facebook parties) Christmas offers the perfect season to throw a virtual theme party.

You already have the theme, now all you have to do is decide which products will be the most beneficial to highlight. Your company offers so many amazing how to pick products, so how do you showcase the ones that will land you the most sales? When you run a virtual theme party, you have limited space for promotional, or product centered, posts. That means it’s very important that you are strategic in what you share with your guests.

how to pick products
how to pick products

Your first Done-For-You Virtual Party Script Package is on the house! Tell us where to send it:
Your task is to show them a wide enough variety of your products that they will seek out more information (i.e., look at your catalogue or connect with you directly), without inundating them with everything you sell. While there are plenty of strategies available for choosing specific products (which you can read about here), we’ve found that for Christmas in particular, the ‘Product Category’ strategy is best. The ‘Product Category’ strategy is one in which you create categories that highlight several of your products, rather than highlighting individual how to pick products.

What makes Christmas unique, and what ultimately makes this strategy so effective, is that people are almost always buying for someone else, rather than themselves. Buying gifts for someone else can be tricky! It’s especially tricky if the recipient is someone you don’t know well, or is “the person who has everything.” That means your goal as the consultant, is to give your guests several useful ideas that they can associate with the people they need to shop for.

So what does this strategy look like and how can you put it into practice? We’ve compiled some ideas to share with you! Category – Stocking Stuffers This is a great category to start with in your virtual party because for most consultants this is an easy one. Your company has probably even given you a list of ideas! You can use your creativity with this category too. Stocking stuffers can be inexpensive items like or small items. What would you use for stocking suffers?

Use those products in this category.Stocking stuffers are something that most of your guests will be purchasing, so you’re providing ideas that are relevant to them early on in your party, and that’s great way to grab their attention and keep them focused. Category – Gift Exchange With Christmas comes the events that often have a Secret Santa or gift exchange element. It’s hard to pick a gift for people you don’t know well and even harder when you don’t know who will end up with the gift you brought! Use this category to share some ideas that are gender neutral and useful for everyone.

Hint: Think Best-Sellers in this category! Category – Seasonal Products Your guests already have Christmas on the brain (you’ve set them up for it with your theme after all), so use this opportunity to introduce the products your company launched for this season. They usually make great gifts and are products many people will want to buy for themselves. Category – The Man In Your Life Hands up if you get stuck when it comes to shopping for men.

Yep, our hands are definitely up too! Husband’s, brother’s, dad’s, uncle’s, your boss…you get the idea. Your guests likely also have trouble with this category, so use that to your advantage and help them out! Highlight a few of the how to pick products that men might love and then share a sentence or two about why they’ll love them or a hobby they’d be great for. Helping people identify the people in their lives who suit a particular product makes it easier for them to see why they should buy from you.

how to pick products
how to pick products

Category – The Person Who Has Everything This category gives you a chance to be creative! There are a few angles you could come at it from, depending on what you want to share. For example: You know your products better than anyone, and this category could be the perfect chance to highlight your lesser-known, but still awesome products. What do you find customers are most surprised that you sell? Feature those products in this category. You could also look at this category as a “stock up” category, meaning you highlight the products you can never have too many of.

Or maybe you have something that the person who has everything definitely doesn’t have. Even if it’s only one product, you can feature it here. Category – Your Mother-in-Law The “mother-in-law” category gives you a fair bit of creative freedom as well. Depending on how well you know your guests, you could use this as more of a humor category or as a place to showcase your most thoughtful how to pick products. If you wanted to go down the more humorous route, and keep your guests engaged, you could try doing a “This or That” style category.

Ask your guests to pick between items for which one they would love to give their mother-in-law. Category – The People You Remember Last Minute We all have people who fall into this category. Teachers, coaches, bus drivers, the garbage collector, the mail-person, etc. Somehow no matter how on-the-ball you are with your shopping, someone always creeps up last minute! Highlighting this category helps your guests remember everyone they need to buy for.

Give your guests some product ideas that they can buy ahead of time, and have on hand for those last-minute gifts. Category – The Big One People are typically more willing to purchase extravagant items at Christmas. This category is your opportunity to highlight your most expensive one or two products. Keep the number of products in this category limited, because you want to really focus on something special.

Don’t forget to tell your guests who this product is perfect for, and what makes it so special, so they can see the value in it. Christmas is the busiest shopping season for direct sales, and if done correctly, can be what makes your year successful. By breaking your products into helpful categories for the season, it’s easy for your guests to shop with you because you’ve already done the work for them. The easier you make it for them, the more shopping they will do with you.

It’s a win-win scenario! Still wondering what products to showcase for your company? Come on over to our Christmas board on Pinterest and see our company specific examples! Want a done-for-you Christmas theme party script? Come on over to our website!

Your first Done-For-You Virtual Party Script Package is on the house! Tell us where to send it:

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