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Who fancies attending a nostalgic 1970s party? Expect crazy fashions, fantastic music, and memorable games as we take an action-packed look back at the decade known as "The Me Decade." The 70's Party Script includes the following sales script games: 70’s News Trivia, Word Search, Who’s Face, 70’s Movie Trivia, 70’s Music Trivia, Punch a Bunch.

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Bundle of Totally Tubular '80s

Grab those leg warmers and fanny packs, this party is going to be, like, totally righteous! Take a walk down memory lane with this ‘80s themed party that will have your guests saying “Shut up! That party was totally ace!” Totally Tubular '80s Party Script includes the following sales script games: Match by Connection, Name That Name, True or False, Punch a Bunch, Hostess Trivia

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That's So '90s

Are you looking to relive the good ol’ days? Are you searching for the warm-fuzzy feelings of nostalgia? Look no further, we have the script for you! This party script is filled with ‘90s references and characters that will have you and your guests reminiscing right from the first post!   That's So '90s Party Script includes the following sales script games: Name That Name, Match by Connection, Never Have I Ever, Punch a Bunch

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Bundle of 2000's

The decade that brought us the iPod, Facebook, and YouTube. Great movies, great sitcoms, catchy songs, and unforgettable fashion trends. Yes, you guessed right, you're invited to our 2000s Throwback party! 2000's includes the following sales script games Scavenger Hunt, Two Truths and a Lie, Match by Connection, Word Scramble

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