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The holiday festivities are coming, and it’s an excellent opportunity to increase your earnings as a sales representative. Many people are looking for items for gift-giving, and your offerings may be what they need.

One strategy you can use is to rely on direct sales theme party ideas to host holiday parties over Zoom or Google Meet. This is a great way to gather loyal and new customers and market your products while giving them a fun and memorable time. Moreover, it helps you in reaching a global audience.

Looking for ways to make your virtual meeting more unique and enjoyable? Here are ten direct sales theme party ideas you can try!

1. Gift Exchange or Secret Santa

direct sales theme party ideas

Your first Done-For-You Virtual Party Script Package is on the house! Tell us where to send it:
It may seem basic, but gift-giving remains a staple during the holidays. This activity is the safest option as most participants will enjoy receiving something. You can also encourage them to purchase presents from your catalog.

To make the gift-giving activity more exciting, you can add a twist like having a Secret Santa or themed gifts. For example, you can limit gifts according to their colors, uses, and association with other things.

You can also encourage presents with emotional importance or interesting backgrounds so the gift-givers can share more about the item and its significance when the time comes.

2. Christmas Costume Party

Dressing up isn’t just for Halloween! You can also host a costume party for your virtual meeting with customers. Encourage participants to design and wear their most creative Christmas-themed outfits.

They can come as elves, reindeer, famous Christmas movie characters, or Santa. You can market your products before the event so they can use them as part of their costumes.

To add some thrill, you can make it a contest. This will bring out the participants’ competitive side, resulting in more gorgeous and extravagant costumes. Your reward can be discounts, freebies, and special promos for your items.

3. Holiday-Themed Scavenger Hunt

A Yuletide-themed scavenger hunt is fun for all ages, and it’s extra challenging for those coming back home and not knowing where things are. When hosting this theme party, ensure that the items they’re “hunting” for are Christmas-related. Here are a few things you can ask for:

  • Christmas lights of a particular color
  • Baby Jesus
  • Real candy canes
  • Wreath
  • Snowman
  • Advent calendar
  • Santa Claus figurine
  • Mistletoe

The person with the most items wins the game, and their reward can be discounts, gift codes, or special promos on your catalog.

4. Wreath-Making Contest

Wreaths are enduring Christmas symbols, and they’re highly customizable. So if you’re selling items related to arts and crafts or home decor, this is a great theme that will allow you to sell more products. It’s also highly interactive since everyone will unleash their creative talents.

You can limit the decorations to a theme or motif to make the activity more challenging. You can also restrict the embellishments to recycled products, require only a specific color, or have a backstory that participants can share after they’re done decorating. To determine the winner, everyone can vote for their favorite wreath.

5. Christmas Trivia Night

direct sales theme party ideas

There are so many things associated with the Yuletide season, so test your customers’ knowledge about Christmas with a trivia night! It’s a fun and interactive activity that will bring out everyone’s competitive side!

Make sure that you have enough questions for the activity. Many websites offer sample trivia questions, but some people might cheat by using Google. So, rephrase questions or create your own to make the game fair for everyone. You can add your twist, like patterning the game after “Wheel of Fortune” or “Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?”

6. Name That Christmas Tune Contest

Christmas tunes, from the classics and modern hits, make the holidays extra festive. So why not make participants guess the song in your next virtual meeting? This is an exciting activity that music lovers will enjoy. It can even evoke nostalgia for those who’ve forgotten certain songs as they rediscover the tunes of their childhood.

When someone has guessed the correct answer, encourage the participants to sing a few lines of the song. This will mimic the feeling of joining Christmas carols but in the comfort of their own homes.

7. Never Have I Ever: The Yuletide Edition

Time to spill the secrets and get to know your customers more personally. A Christmas Never Have I Ever game is the perfect way to learn more about each participant and share some good-hearted laughs. Depending on everyone’s comfort level, you can keep the questions as clean or controversial as possible. Here is some sample Never Have I Ever questions to try.

Never have I ever:

  • …regifted a present from last year.
  • …had a Christmas cooking disaster.
  • …pretended to fake an illness to avoid relatives.
  • …cheated in a Christmas contest.
  • …kissed someone under the mistletoe.

8. Holiday Mixology

This theme will be perfect if your catalog focuses on food supplements and nutritional drinks. A holiday mixology virtual event will encourage participants to unleash their bartending skills and show off their discerning taste buds. With whatever they have at home, participants can make cocktails, specialty drinks, and other beverages and share a backstory about the drink.

They can also prepare drinks using ingredients from your offerings, from wellness powders to sugar alternatives. In addition, they can follow a recipe and turn it into a contest. The most outrageous or creative-looking drink will win since tasting them won’t be possible.

9. Mindfulness and Relaxation Class

An unwinding session may seem unorthodox for the holidays, but hear us out first. Christmas time can be an incredibly stressful for many of us — budgeting for food, buying gifts, meeting relatives, dealing with holiday traffic, etc. That’s why a mindfulness and relaxation Zoom meeting is the perfect respite from all the stress.

You can hire a yoga teacher to co-host the meeting or a mental health expert who can share tips to manage stress. If you’re selling items related to meditation, yoga, and similar practices, this event is the best way to market them.

10. Christmas Home Decor Tour

Many want to show off our effort to make our homes extra festive. So for your direct sales theme party, why not let your customers take everyone on tour around their house? This will give them a chance to showcase their creativity and give others an idea of what to do next year.

A Christmas home decor tour is the perfect opportunity to showcase your products, especially if they’re related to housekeeping, home decor, or the holidays. So make sure you highlight each item and show how useful they’ve been for you.

Final Thoughts

For the upcoming Yuletide season, check out the direct sales theme party ideas we’ve shared above. That way, you can add cheer to your customers’ holidays while marketing your products.

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