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Facebook parties are not just a fun way to meet and interact with people online; they can also help grow a direct-selling business.

We believe that throwing the perfect virtual get-together can help increase product awareness and sales in ways that will benefit any business, especially multi-level marketing.

Trust us when we say that one of the best ways to grow a customer base is by throwing entertaining and engaging Facebook parties.

Your first Done-For-You Virtual Party Script Package is on the house! Tell us where to send it:
Before we proceed with our tips on throwing the perfect online get-together, let us give you a brief background on what a Facebook party is and how it can benefit a business.

What Is a Facebook Party?

A Facebook party is the virtual version of what is supposed to be a usual party. The method in which the party is held may have changed, but the objective remains — meet with people and turn them into potential customers and clients for your products.

A Facebook party can also be used to recruit people who can positively contribute to the business. Now that we’ve got the basic knowledge of the value of a Facebook party to a business, here are our suggestions for throwing the ultimate virtual get-together.

Think of a Creative Party Theme and Name

facebook party

We advise considering the title and name of the Facebook party before anything else. Coming up with a themed party does not have to coincide with a holiday or any occasion. Any day or night of the week is perfect for a Facebook party! The title of a Facebook party can greatly affect how people perceive it and are attracted to it.

It would be best to connect the products to the party’s theme to ensure that the virtual guests will easily understand what’s going on and feel the theme’s vibe at the party. Once the theme is settled, the party’s name can be finalized.

The Facebook party’s theme can have sub-themes, especially if the plan is to hold parties on multiple days. For example, the overall theme can be “Girl Power,” with sub-themes for each day playing around the idea of various female comic-book characters such as Wonder Woman, Captain Marvel, Harley Quinn, and more.

As we’ve said earlier, a themed Facebook party does not have to be about a specific holiday, but that does not mean you shouldn’t throw a virtual get-together during the holiday season.

For parties that would be tied up to holidays, a useful tip would be to think of a popular holiday representation and build the idea of the theme around it. A good example is having a Black Friday Online Sale party for Thanksgiving.

Be Consistent With the Presentation

Now that a theme is already in place, it’s time to come up with visuals and audio to match it. Remember that online visitors can only appreciate the party’s theme if what they hear and see matches it.

Create images to post that incorporates the party’s colors and style. Ensure that the fonts and graphics used in every post are consistent with the occasion, overall theme, and brand. Uniformity is important because it gives an impression that the online event is professionally made.

Also, consider curating a playlist inspired by the party’s theme. The best in-person parties always have good music, right? Virtual get-togethers are no exception. Curate an appropriate Spotify or Apple Music playlist and see how it can give life and add value to a Facebook party.

Get a Good Host

No virtual Facebook party or traditional in-person party can be successful without a good host. An online party must have a committed and engaging host to be fun and memorable.

Unless the direct-selling sales representative is hosting the virtual party, it is crucial to coach the host on the event’s objective for them to be effective.

A host’s first order of business should be sending invites for the event. Ensure to provide the host with a message that goes with the links to be shared with guests. Ideally, the host can invite 40 people to RSVP via email or Facebook messenger.

Build Anticipation for the Event

Like any event, a Facebook party’s success also depends on how it is promoted. It’s necessary to have a healthy mix of party posts to keep the excitement. Some of the things that we would suggest are the following.

Product Image Posts

Post photos of the products the direct-selling company offers are one way to promote an event. Making a collage of the products is another way to creatively present the various product offerings.

Engaging Party-related Posts

Posting text that aims to stir the interest of your guests is highly effective in creating anticipation. Think of questions and trivia related to the theme and post them on Facebook.

These posts should keep the party guests engaged and build momentum and excitement for the virtual get-together. For example, if the theme is “Back to School,” ask questions about their most memorable stories in grade school.

Video Posts

Do not be terrified by the idea of filming short videos showcasing various product offerings. Posting videos that share information and helpful tips can also be very effective in maintaining interest in the upcoming event.

Prepare Games and Prizes

facebook party

Usually, traditional parties have games to keep the event lively and exciting. This applies to Facebook parties too. Even if games are not needed for a party to be fun, it is undeniable that they help keep guests involved.

When a party has games, there have to be prizes too. The prizes do not need to be grand or expensive; a small token would be enough and will be appreciated by the online party guests.

Remember, receiving a prize for winning a party game is just a bonus, so overthinking what specific prizes to give is not necessary. Just make sure to give away prizes that can be useful to its recipient.

Make Sure To Have Fun

It may seem like stating the obvious, but parties should always be fun. Nobody wants to go to a boring online party. Ensure that the online party is not just filled with boring and repetitive posts. Mix it up with trivia questions, games, and any activity that would serve as an icebreaker.

Be mindful that the Facebook party should not just be about selling the product — though this is one of the main objectives. Keep the party fun and meaningful with activities that will build a relationship with guests.

Consider giving out informative tips and tricks regarding a product to keep guests knowledgeable. Sharing random but useful life hacks can be both entertaining and helpful to partygoers.

Last but certainly not least, make sure you have a great time. The Facebook party should be an effective marketing tool and an enjoyable time.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, the tips in this blog can help direct-selling consultants and sales representatives to organize a successful virtual party. We suggest being creative in organizing such events. Do not be afraid to experiment and try new things that can improve the experience of those attending these virtual get-togethers.


How do you host a successful Facebook party?

Hosting a successful Facebook party consists of five main steps:
1. Choose the title and theme of your Facebook party.
2. Create a suitable template or use Go Party Scripts to smoothly run the party.
3. Invite the guests.
4. Arrange a host.
5. Enjoy the party!

What is a FB posting party?

A FB posting party involves different guests, including potential customers. Parties held to celebrate the launch of a new business or a particular product is some of the many examples of FB posting parties.

How do Facebook parties work?

A Facebook party’s specific working and agenda can greatly vary from party to party. Generally, a Facebook party involves an individual hosting the party while others are invited as guests to watch the video(s) or discuss various Facebook posts.

How do I create an online party?

There are many different ways of creating and throwing an online party. The best way to do it is by using a script of your choice from Go Party Script to throw an engagement party.


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