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A mystery host party is a gathering organized by a company where there is no designated host. In this kind of event, attendees have a specific number of host reward raffle entries, which the organizer determines how they can earn. It can be based on the number of purchases an attendee makes or the number of people they invite to the event. Whoever’s name is drawn as the mystery host will win the host rewards.

With the convenience of setting up online events, it’s not surprising that most mystery host parties are held digitally too. In fact, Zoom, which is one of the best apps used in online events, increased over 2900% in less than two years. This is thanks to companies holding business meetings and corporate events via the app, including mystery host parties.

What You Need for A Successful Mystery Host Party

Your first Done-For-You Virtual Party Script Package is on the house! Tell us where to send it:
Since there is no dedicated host for this party, you are in charge of all the preparations. You must exert every effort possible to make this event successful. From planning to contacting all the guests, the responsibility that everything goes as planned is yours.

With these, you must carefully handle all the elements necessary for the online event. Doing so guarantees that the mystery host party goes smoothly from the moment it starts up until the event ends. Here are things you need to do to make your mystery host party a success:

Choose an Engaging Theme

The first thing you’ll need to do when planning a mystery host party is to come up with an engaging theme that will impress the guests of the party. A theme will make the event more interesting, which is important since it will be done only online. The theme will basically set the mood for the entire online event, so think carefully about what virtual theme you should select.

When deciding on a final theme, you need to consider the interests of the people joining and what time of the year it is. For example, if you’re going to do a mystery party during Halloween, it’s better to make the theme related to that holiday. Therefore, the time of the year at which you are arranging an online party can significantly impact the overall theme.

Another theme idea you can consider is something that is relevant to your brand. If your company sells soaps and other personal care products, create a theme that revolves around that. With a relevant and exciting theme, you can guarantee that the mystery host party will be something the attendees can be engaged with.

Pick an Online Event Hosting App

In a traditional mystery host party, you need to find a venue for the event. It could be at the neighbourhood clubhouse, office, or anywhere you prefer. On the other hand, for an online mystery host party, what you need to find is a suitable app that you can use for holding the online event.

There are different options you can choose from. However, we recommend that you select one that you are already familiar with. As much as possible, choose a widely popular app. This ensures that attendees will be able to easily use the app during the entirety of the online event. Moreover, choosing a popular app means you will be able to target a wider audience.

Some of the most popular online event hosting apps you can choose from are Zoom, Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, and Skype. Test all the features of the app to guarantee you can easily navigate it when the day of the event arrives. If possible, ready a secondary app in case the first one you choose encounters technical issues that are beyond your control.

Sending Out the Invites

The event’s guest list is one of the most important things you must handle flawlessly. It primarily comprises customers who made purchases in exchange for a certain number of entries to win the host rewards.

You can also invite potential customers to participate in the event. By RSVPing, you can give them a raffle entry. You can also encourage them to bring in more participants in exchange for more host rewards raffle entries.

Make sure to ask your team members to invite as many customers as they can. To encourage them, you can award them a certain number of host rewards entries per every person they invite when it comes to these kinds of events. The more participants, the better, especially if you plan to launch a new product during the event.

Get in touch with your prospective attendees and inform them about the mystery host party. You can do this by posting on social media, sending out newsletters, or contacting them via a text message. You can make multiple online posts to ensure that the invite will reach more people. If you send the invite via a text message, you can simply just send another invite if they didn’t respond to the first one.

Think of Exciting Prizes and Giveaways

When it comes to the prizes for the event, you have two options. You can divide the rewards to multiple attendees or let a sole winner take the prize. What prizes you can give away will depend on the turnout of the party. If more people participate, the better rewards, you can give. Typically, prizes for mystery host parties are composed of special deals that the chosen mystery host gets. This includes free items, half-prized items, and host rewards exclusives.

It’s up to you how you will draw the winner. You can either do it digitally or traditionally by putting all entries in a bin and drawing a winner. Make sure to get in touch with the winner immediately and inform them of the benefits they receive as the chosen mystery host. Inform them as well about the deadline of their host rewards redemption.

Benefits of Scheduling a Mystery Host Party

mystery party

Organizing a mystery host party is popular for different organizations from various sectors, especially multi-level marketing companies. It is an effective tool to boost their brands and engage with their respective communities. Here are some of the benefits of a mystery host party:

It Allows You to Promote Your Company’s New Products

One of the best reasons why companies organize mystery host parties is to promote their new product offerings. With a mystery host party, you can guarantee that your audience will be interested in your news releases, making it easier for you to compel them into making a purchase. Think of it as a sales promotion campaign, which is a strategy used to increase interest and demand for a company’s products and services. Such parties increase customer engagement with the brands and help you in selling your new products.

It Helps New Sales Representatives Build a Customer Base

For multi-level marketing companies, a mystery host party will be an efficient way to welcome new team members while allowing them to gather more customers. Since a mystery host party gives customers a chance to win rewards in exchange for making purchases, new team members may use this as an opportunity to gain customers.

It Gives You a Way to Keep Your Customer Base Interested in Your Products

Mystery host parties help in building your company’s relationship with customers and team members. In exchange for purchasing your products, you can allow them to win rewards. This keeps them engaged with your company and your products. Therefore, mystery host parties are useful in building a long-lasting relationship with the customer.

Make Your Online Mystery Host Party a Success

Planning a mystery host party can greatly benefit your company, but it can be complicated to pull off smoothly. To ensure that your online event will turn out successful, you should get the services of a reliable company specialising in creating engaging online direct sale events, such as a mystery host party.

With Go Party Scripts, a team of seasoned marketers and direct sellers will help you put together a successful mystery host party. You’ll need all the necessary media content from the scripts for the event. Go Party Scripts has got you covered. Our team will work to ensure that we can help you deliver the party you’ve always dreamed of. We’ll go the extra mile to make your online event a fun and memorable experience for every person attending.

Contact us today so we can assist you in all of your mystery host party needs.


Your first Done-For-You Virtual Party Script Package is on the house! Tell us where to send it:

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